One of the most concentrated bacterial cultures made (exceed 1011 cells/mL), Bacta-Pur® is made in Canada with the most stringent quality control. Small regular doses are very effective in improving water quality in decorative and koi ponds.

Bacta-Pur Klear 1L

Bacta-Pur® KLEAR contains strain of natural beneficial bacteria that are capable of biodegrading fish waste. Toxic ammonia, which is produced by fish, is ultimately converted into harmless nitrate and nitrogen...
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Bacta-Pur Sludgebusters 1L

Bacta-Pur® SLUDGEBUSTERS contains bacteria that will efficiently biodegrade this kind of waste. Regular use prevents accumulation of organic sediments so that drains, pumps and filters remain clean...
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Bacta-Pur Nutripak 1L

Bacteria, like all living creatures, need minerals and essential trace elements to stimulate their growth and activity. Those are often lacking in decorative ponds because they are depleted in a short time. Bacta-Pur® NUTRIPAK contains the nutrients...
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