Alfalfa King

Double Compressed Hay For Small Animals

Alfalfa King tm is a natural food source for your pets. You can be sure that our alfalfa (which means King of the Roots), timothy grass and other hays are produced in the most environmentally friendly and natural way possible.

Alfalfa King's products are a culmination of three generations farming the land. As farmers, we work hard to cultivate and harvest our hay. Cutting when the plants reach a certain maturity, carefully turning the windrows of hay so it dries evenly before its baled. We know that once the hay has cured, further exposure to sunlight bleaches nutrients from the hay. The packaging standard of loose hay in a clear plastic bag provides little or no protection against ultraviolet light.

Hence, using double-compression techinque to squeeze a regular bale down to half of its size, eliminating all of the air, and using plastic packaging with ultraviolet light protection, Alfalfa King ensures you longer lasting and fresher hay each time every time!