Dr Bunny

Dr Bunny range of products consists of premium hay and pelleted food. Using bamboo vinegar as one of its ingredients in rabbit food, it helps in odour control and the health of your rabbit. What is bamboo vinegar? 

Vets today are turning more and more to natural ingredients to help relieve common ailments that afflict pets each day. After years of using technological amenities, one of the products used in the natural market today is organic bamboo vinegar. Known as chikusaku in Japan, organic bamboo vinegar is a natural liquid, derived from the condensation procured in bamboo charcoal production.

Bamboo Vinegar helps to eliminates bacteria, improves digestion, reduce odour from waste, and even keeping the food fresh by preventing mould from growing. Together with complete nutrition its food and hay can provide, Dr Bunny is ideal for all rabbits.


Dr Bunny Young Rabbit Food 2.5kg

Dr Bunny contains an innovative ingredient:- Bamboo Vinegar. This vinegar helps the rabbit to control odour and improves digestion. Also, it prevents the food from mould and bacteria.
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